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Recording Clinic with Josh Barber from STRANGE MUSIC INC on Oct. 21st 3 to 5 pm

Big Dudes Music City is hosting a Recording Clinic with Joshua Barber from STRANGE MUSIC INC on Oct. 21st from 3-5pm that will go over everything from Production Techniques, Analog vs Digital, Microphones, Hardware, Out-Board Gear, Live vs Studio to choosing the right Effects and…

Kemper Guitar Amp Clinic with Ari Mihalopoulos of OTEP, Destrophy and Inner Light Records

BigDudes Don’t miss this amazing night with Kemper Amps and Award-Winning Ari Mihalopoulos a.k.a. “ARISTOTLE” who will go over everything from setting up, dialing in your favorite tones, recording, songwriting to technique. Plus we will have a ton of Store-wide…

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No Events. (But check back soon!)