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If you play an instrument long enough, sooner or later you’re going to need some help with audio.  Even if you only play acoustic you’ll likely need to record your performance, or need some sonic reinforcement for a live show.  Whatever you need the experts available through the Big Dude’s VIP program can help.

Our audio experts have decades of real-world experience and are prepared to help you get the sound you’re looking for.  Whether you’re selecting your first microphone or completing your recording studio (or anything in between) we can help.  If you’re a VIP member then just fill out the Audio Assistance contact form to get started.

The audio experts from Big Dude’s can:

  • help you choose the right microphone or other recording equipment to capture the nuances of your instrument.
  • recommend PA equipment like amps, speakers, monitors and mixing-boards for live performance.
  • assist with equipment selection & room acoustics for recording studio situations.
  • provide guidance for home recording/home studio rigs.
  • get you advice & consulting with seasoned professionals for any level musician from ‘beginner’ to ‘rock star.’

In short: we can help you SOUND GOOD.

When you get serious about your sound which would you rather do:  spend a lot of time learning audio engineering, acoustics & electronics OR sign up for the Big Dude’s VIP program and get access to the experts?

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