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Come in and join the Big Dudes VIP Club!

We never want to be “just a music store.”  Becoming a VIP is just the start of our relationship! We really want to help our local musicians succeed and will do whatever we can to make that happen. If you’re having an issue with most any aspect of being a musician: equipment, recording, touring, promoting, rehearsing, or WHATEVER then come in or give us a call. We’ve been doing this for 40+ years so it’s very likely at least one of us has been in your situation before.

— Mark Dodd, Owner of Big Dudes Music City

Becoming a Big Dude’s VIP is easy:

  1. Come in & buy something
  2. Ask to become a VIP

That’s all there is to it!

At the most basic level becoming a VIP will save you some $$$. On every 7th purchase, you will receive Free gear or a discount toward that 7th purchase.  But that’s really only the beginning!

Other VIP benefits:

  • Special “VIP Only” deals & discounts.
  • Advance notice on some ‘in store’ sales & events
  • Membership to our “VIP Only” email list

Big Dude’s VIP FAQ:

Do I have to come to the store to sign up? Can’t I just sign up via telephone or email?
Yes, you must come to our store and buy something to join the VIP program.

Do I have to have a Kansas City address to be a VIP?
No. We have quite a few VIPs that have signed up while ‘just visiting’ KC.

Do sales ‘over the phone’ or on the web site count towards my VIP total?
Yes, but only if you ask! We don’t have anything automated just yet. If you make a purchase online then please give us a call so that we can make sure the sale is added to your VIP total.

What if I’m a VIP but move out of the KC area?
You’re still a VIP! (See the previous question about phone & online orders.)

Upcoming Events

No Events. (But check back soon!)