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Advanced Sound & Communication

Advanced Sound & Communication

As a subsidiary of Big Dude’s Music City, Advanced Sound & Communication has been designing and building audio/visual systems for restaurants, schools, churches, courtrooms, bars, dance clubs, stadiums, recording studios, and many other businesses all around the Kansas City metro area, since 1998. Advanced Sound & Communication will install and optimize the audio/visual services needed in your establishment.

Our Experience Meets Light, Sound, and Video Challenges

Advanced Sound & Communication Installation Example

For Advanced Sound There Is No Standard Install.

We create the sight and sound you want to deliver to your customers, no matter what the venue.

Our Secret Is Experience

Every Advanced Sound audio, lighting, and video technician is a veteran installer. They build from small to giant venues.

Our Clients Are Diverse

We’ve worked with the Kansas City Independent Auto Auction, The Rock church, Lockton Insurance, the greater Kansas city school districts, and scores of churches throughout the Kansas City metro area from inner city to the suburbs.

You Dream, We Design

We create systems and rooms based on your vision, your budget, and the sophistication of the people you’ve charged to run the room. We will make your system start with the push of one button, or create a room for the professional sound and video technician. It’s up to you.

Design, Support, Service

Our three-step process makes each design and installation successful:

1. We analyze your audio and video vision and mission.

Pinpointing your vision and mission allows us to provide a broad array of solutions through our deep knowledge and up-to-date research on the latest technology for delivering sight and sound.

2. We create designs to fabricate possible solutions for your project.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a design that takes into account all of your wishes. From the very first step, we explain our reasoning, approach, and execution to you.

3. Once installed, our technicians train your team to operate the system.

What good is a communication device if it doesn’t run properly? We take time with you to make sure that you understand what must be done to use your new system to its full potential.

Give us a call when you have questions or concerns involving your upcoming audio and video project.

We service and support established sound systems. If a problem calls, call us.
We like problems, because we love to find solutions.

The Challenges We’ve Met For Our Clients

This is not going to be a normal install. I want this to be rock concert meets Church — Metallica meets Church. I deliver my church service every Sunday as if it were a live, on-stage “rock” concert.

~Luke Weese, Music Minister for The Rock church

I want video in the food court broadcasting our car auction on four different big screens, one for each auction lane. I want video screen broadcast and audio broadcast in each lane on the auction floor. We have four lanes and four auctioneers going at the same time. I want our customers to hear only the auctioneer in the lane where they bid. I don’t want one auctioneer’s voice bleeding into another lane. I also want the auction webcast over the internet, so a car dealer in New York can bid in the auction and buy online. I also want the webcast bidders shown on video in the auction lanes so customers know who, what, where, and how much they are bidding agains on the internet.

~Doug doll, co-owner of Kansas City Independent Auto Auction

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