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Recording Clinic with Josh Barber from STRANGE MUSIC INC on Oct. 21st 3 to 5 pm

Big Dudes Music City is hosting a Recording Clinic with Joshua Barber from STRANGE MUSIC INC on Oct. 21st from 3-5pm that will go over everything from Production Techniques, Analog vs Digital, Microphones, Hardware, Out-Board Gear, Live vs Studio to choosing the right Effects and…

Spector Bass Clinic with Robbie Merrill of Godsmack Saturday 9/23/2017 1-3pm doors open at 12:30

Spector Bass Clinic with Robbie Merrill of GODSMACK September 23rd 2017  1 to 3 pm Doors open at 12:30pm       BigDudes Robbie Merrill from the legendary Rock band Godsmack will be at Big Dudes Music City on Saturday September 23rd from1-3 pm showing off why he…

Kemper Guitar Amp Clinic with Ari Mihalopoulos of OTEP, Destrophy and Inner Light Records

BigDudes Don’t miss this amazing night with Kemper Amps and Award-Winning Ari Mihalopoulos a.k.a. “ARISTOTLE” who will go over everything from setting up, dialing in your favorite tones, recording, songwriting to technique. Plus we will have a ton of Store-wide Sales, Giveaways and a catered…

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